Learn more about Men's Liberty!

Over 3 million used with ZERO confirmed adverse events attributable to the Men's Liberty, including UTIs!

Men's Liberty is a revolutionary new device used by men to manage bladder leakage that can give you back your dignity and put money back in your pocket!

Unlike an adult diaper or pad, Men's Liberty will keep moisture away from your skin and help prevent incontinence associated dermatitis, urinary tract infections, and pressure ulcers.

Whether you just dribble a bit or suffer from complete incontinence, Men's Liberty could be the discreet, dignified, and dependable solution for you!


Men's Liberty:

  • Keeps men dry and comfortable for 24-48 hours, giving you the freedom to live your life
  • Has a completely external design
  • Fits men comfortably and discreetly
  • Is invisible under normal clothing
  • Reliably replaces diapers, condom catheters and medically unnecessary Foley catheters
  • Covered by Medicare, most state Medicaids, VA/TriCare, Workers Compensation and most private insurances, reducing your out-of-pocket costs!

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