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Victory Gardens, Gas Rationing and Men’s Liberty

Posted by Sam Turner on Apr 2, 2015 10:00:00 AM

My parents taught me not to waste anything.  Our village had victory gardens. Because of World War II and gas rationing, we practiced conservation.  If driving sixty miles from our house to Williams, Arizona while maintaining a speed of thirty miles per hour would save gas and tires, then my father took two hours to drive our 1938 Chevrolet to our destination.    My wife grew up under similar circumstances. Making things last as long as possible became a habit in our marriage.

LearningCurveTherefore, it’s understandable that, if Men’s Liberty says my external catheter is designed to last twenty-four hours, I would attempt to make it last thirty-six or even forty-eight hours. Tony, my advisor at BioDerm, was careful not to reprimand me but he encouraged me to follow the directions.  I kept track of the units used, listing them on my calendar.  I even bragged to Tony that, one time, the unit lasted seventy-two hours before falling off in the shower.  But I realized that I was taking chances... 

This morning, for instance, I was into Day Three of one unit’s use.  Since I wasn’t planning to go anywhere, I figured that, being home for the day,  I could make it last until bedtime.  My neighbor was sweeping the sidewalk and, without thinking, I walked out to visit.  Standing by the oleander hedge – plunk! The unit fell through my shorts!   He was as surprised as I.  

“Let me explain about Men’s Liberty’s external catheter.” 

“You have an unusual way of advertising, Sam,” he laughed. 

GoldStarHowever, She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed (my wife), had a different opinion.

“Are you in some kind of contest?”


“Will Men’s Liberty send you a gold star if your unit lasts a week?”


“Then I suggest you follow their directions and rotate the units every twenty-four hours.  You’ve just been lucky that you weren’t someplace in public that would cause you and me embarrassment!”

All I could answer was, “Yes, dear.”  

Thanks for sharing Sam! I just need to add a little note from all of us here at Men's Liberty. It's true our directions do say to expect a 24 hour wear time because that is what the vast majority of men experience. Some men, like Sam, can see a consistent wear time of 48 hours but there are lots of reasons why this isn't possible for everyone. For example, men living in hot, humid areas where they sweat a lot probably wont see that kind of wear time.

Our recommendation is always to change every 24-48 hours, depending on what your body needs. Get into a routine with your Liberty and stick with it. That's the key to avoiding an unexpected plunk!

If you are a current user who is seeing a change in your normal wear time, give us a call - we'll troubleshoot things with you and get you back to the wear time you're used to!

Thanks for visiting! And a big thank you to Sam for sharing!

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Posted by Sam Turner on Jan 29, 2015 12:30:00 PM

For a person on absorbents, this sign can cause panic:

On a one-hour flight from Tucson to San Diego, I am just a bit nervous. The thought of flying isn’t the problem. It’s the thought of having to walk down the aisle with a full absorbent, only to find that both restroom signs have flashed OCCUPIED!



There is no such thing as “holding it”. Using the restroom immediately before boarding is no insurance that all will be well. If our plane is on hold before takeoff; if I am unable to get an aisle seat close to the restroom; if we have to wait before landing…all of these events add pressure to “holding it”. Flights longer than an hour demand that I travel by a different carrier that provides “First Class”, where I have a better chance of getting an UN-occupied restroom. Not only do I have to pay for absorbents, but I have to upgrade my seating or even change preferred flights (at a higher cost!), to meet the needs of an inadequate diaper.

Even in a restaurant, there have been occasions when the only stall is OCCUPIED and waiting brings on the emergency. The longer I wait, the faster my “quality of life” scale drops (from 10 to 0). I’m certainly not in control.

This was before Men’s Liberty. Now, with Men’s Liberty external catheter and a leg bag (if necessary), I remain in control. How did I learn about this marvelous invention? I saw an ad that opened with: “What Adult Diaper Companies Don’t Want Men To Know…” The first thing I noticed was that Men’s Liberty is covered by Medicare! I didn’t wait to email them. I called them immediately. I spoke with Tony in sales and he had the product in the mail within twenty-four hours. Four days later, I had my first units. I took my first step onto “Wendy’s, Conquering The Learning Curve (Video)"…My first step to regaining control over my urinary incontinence.

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And the Winner is...2014 Men's Liberty Survey Results (Video)

Posted by Mens Liberty on Apr 17, 2014 2:00:00 PM

Welcome back to another video blog! This week Wendy is here to discuss the results from our recent 2014 Men's Liberty Customer Satisfaction Survey. Im not gonna talk you to death, so give it a watch!

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Visit Men's Liberty at the 2012 Abilities Expo in Houston!

Posted by Sarah Woodward on Jul 23, 2012 10:38:00 AM

Men's Liberty is thrilled to be attending the upcoming Abilities Expo in Houston on August 3rd-5th. We will be exhibiting at the event and raffling off a 32" HD TV. Will you be the lucky  winner? Come visit us and check it out at booth 347!

Abilities Expo Houston 2012

The Abilities Expos are held in cities across the country to connect individuals with disabilities,their families and health care professionals with each other and innovative new solutions to improve their quality of life. With a network of events including seminars, fun family activities and new products and services, the Abilities Expo is one the premier events for the disabled community.

Attendees include wounded veterans, seniors citizens, children with disabilities, individuals with mobility and spinal issues, people with developmental disabilities and so many others. There are going to be fun activities for the whole family such as sports competitions, crafts, dance, technology showcases, assistance dog demos and an Artist Market where you can purchase original creations from the Houston's most-celebrated artists with disabilities.

Artist Grant Manier, at Houston Abilities Expo

With over 3,000 people attending the 2011 Houston Abilities Expo, we know this year is going to be an even bigger blockbuster! Men's Liberty is proud to have the opportunity to participate in this informative event. Many American's with disabilities also deal with embarrassing incontinence issues, experiencing significant physical discomfort, accidents and urinary tract infections.

Men's Liberty can help men take control of their fluid management and get active again. Utilizing a revolutionary medical adhesive, Men's Liberty is a safe, skin-friendly alternative to outdated, infection prone technologies like condom catheters or absorbents. Men's Liberty provides 24 hours security and most of our customers can get the product at little or no out of pocket cost! Visit us or call today to find out how.

For more information on Men's Liberty or to Enter to Win, come visit us at Booth #347. One lucky winner will be leaving the Expo with a brand new 32” flat screen HD TV prize. Could it be you?

Dean Won the TV at the National Wheelchair Games!


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