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Incontinence Support Blog

Understanding Incontinence is Your Best Defense

Posted by Andy Orrell

Jul 14, 2016 12:00:37 PM

There are some unbelievable stories that float around concerning urinary incontinence. I like to term these stories, “Incontinence myths." I’ll do my best to explain the difference between incontinence myths and true facts, as believing the myths can harm your ability to deal effectively with you urinary incontinence.

The first story I hear all the time is that people who have incontinence have small bladders. Not true…that’s one of those incontinence myths. We’re all born with a normal sized bladder, which is the correct size for our body. Because you may urinate often, you may think your bladder is too small and therefore fills up quickly, resulting in the urge to urinate. Forget that logic…your bladder is not too small. The only exception to a normal sized bladder, which we are all born with, is if someone has had bladder surgery to purposely reduce the size of the bladder. But this is an anomaly. So forget about the small bladder syndrome…it’s a myth.

The second story I hear often is that to stop incontinence you need to cut back on drinking liquids. This theory also falls in the category of incontinence myths. If you suffer from incontinence you may be tempted to drink less, but this can make the urine more concentrated, aggravating the bladder and making it more active. The very best advice is to drink moderately in small amounts throughout the day rather than gulping large cups of liquid at one time. A good rule of thumb is if you’re thirsty or if your lips are dry, drink. If you’re not thirsty, don’t drink. Pretty simple. Get in the habit of sipping water between meals to get your liquid requirement for the day. Remember, drinking less liquid than your body requires can lead to dehydration. Truly a myth!

This story I just heard the other day. A good friend of mine honestly believed that incontinence affects only old people. Again, this is another incontinence myth. Incontinence is actually very common. One in eight men experience incontinence at some point in their lives. Incontinence affects more people under the age of 53 than over. Incontinence is not a normal part of aging…and aging alone does not cause incontinence. Dispel this myth!

Another one of the many incontinence myths I hear all the time is that Kegal exercises only work for women. Kegel exercises certainly work for men and are just as effective for men as they are for women. Regular Kegel exercises can prevent and, in some cases, even reverse incontinence. It is important that one learns how to do Kegel exercises correctly. Once learned, it is recommended that they be done on average three times each day. If you follow that exercise regimen, you should see improvement because you will be strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, which keep the bladder from dropping.

The final and most upsetting myth I hear from people is that the only way to treat incontinence is to wear unsanitary diapers or dangerous condom catheters. This is a major falsehood. I believe, as do the thousands of our satisfied customers, that the better solution is the Men’s Liberty.

Men’s Liberty is made from BioDerm’s proprietary medical adhesive, hydrocolloid, that creates a secure, skin friendly seal around the urinary opening to ensure that all urine caused by leakage is collected in a small pouch that hides discreetly in your pants. Simpler, better, and definitely safer than the alternatives.

BioDerm provides an excellent training program for application and use of the product. Another benefit is that Medicare helps pay for the Men’s Liberty external catheters; Medicare does not pay for diapers or absorbents that you purchase from your local drugstore.

Call our care team today at 1-800-814-3174. They are here to help you.

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Explaining the Men's Liberty Learning Curve

Posted by Sarah Woodward

Sep 24, 2013 11:16:00 AM

Well we're back this week answering one of the most common questions that our customer and doctors have - what is the Men's Liberty learning curve?

Short answer: its the time it takes your skin to adjust to Men's Liberty and provide a 24 hour wear time.

1. Why do you call it that?

We call it the learning curve because your wear time curves upward with each application. But perhaps a more meaningful term would be: "adoption period". Essentially, what every customer needs to know if that the first time you use Men's Liberty you aren't going to get a full 24 hour wear time.  So you should plan to use your first one on a day your at home so that you can change it easily and avoid any potential accidents.

2. Why is there a learning curve?

The learning curve is necessary because the Men's Liberty uses a unique medical adhesive called hydrocolloid. The name literally means water, i.e. 'hydro'. Hydrocolloid just loves moisture and it will absorb any excess moisture out of your skin.

And if you've been using diapers, pads or condom catheters for a while, you've got A LOT of moisture in your skin! So the adhesive will soak all that up and once it can't soak up anymore, it will be ready to remove. Depending on the moisture levels in your skin the first one will last 3-6 hours. 

3. How long is the learning curve?

Most clients get through the learning curve in about a day and a half - essentially three consecutive applications. So you start on Saturday morning with the first Men's Liberty, Saturday afternoon you apply the second and Sunday morning you apply the third. And then every application after that should last 24 hours or more.

4. What can I do to speed this up?

The most important thing you can do is be prepared. Use Ivory or Gold Bar Dial soap before applying, make sure your not leaking when you apply and then monitor it carefully for the first day. It's a little investment for a HUGE payoff! 

5. What are the most common mistakes that people make during the learning curve?

There are two mistakes we see quite a few people making:

    • Using the wrong soap - we recommend Ivory or Gold Bar Dial soap for a good reason. They don't have any moisturizers in them. Other soaps (esp. liquid soaps) are filled with silicon and moisturizers. They make your skin feel silky but will prevent the hydrocolloid from sticking to you! So on your anatomy, make sure you're using a NON-MOISTURIZING soap!
    • Ping-ponging between products. Every time you switch back and forth between Liberty and another product you are re-introducing moisture into your skin. This extends the learning curve and will prevent you from getting to a 24 hour wear time. So be patient, and stick with it. And if you have questions - CALL US! We're here to help!


So have you got a question we missed? Let us know. We're always here to help you get the most from your Men's Liberty!


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The Dangers of Double Dipping from Men's Liberty

Posted by Sarah Woodward

Dec 18, 2012 11:26:00 AM

What is double dipping exactly? Traditionally, it’s when you dip your chip into the salsa or other condiment more than once. Etiquette guru, Emily Post, says this habit is ‘gauche’ while in mixed company.

But would you be surprised to know that there is a second potential meaning to double dipping that’s all about incontinence? Among the coolest kids on the incontinent playground, double dipping is when you pee twice into the same diaper in order to extend the life of the diaper and save money. Personally, I think Emily Post’s opinion works for this definition too!

But aside from issues of etiquette, double dipping in your diapers can cause some serious complications and end up costing you more money in the long run.

Absorbent products go by a lot of names these day – adult diapers, briefs, pads, male guards and pull ups, just to name a few. Whatever the brand, there are some basic commonalities. Absorbent products are made up of hydrophilic materials like paper pulp which absorb urine and a hydrophobic external layer like nylon to hold the moisture inside and prevent leaks.

The price of most superabsorbent pads is between $0.44 and $0.86 per unit. Pads should be changed an average of 4-6 times a day, meaning that the annual expenditure for an incontinent man using pads could be as high as $4,402. Because absorbents aren’t covered by insurance, these costs are borne almost exclusively by the individual user.

So I understand the impulse to try and make your pad last a little longer and to save a little of that money. But sadly diapers are generally only designed to absorb around 16 ounces of fluid in a single episode and most do very poorly during a second urination.

In an amusing 2008 article, Slate contributor Justin Peters tested 6 different diaper brands for absorbency, wearability, longevity and style.  His experiment led him to make a couple of recommendations that I wanted to share below.

Orange Line

#1 - Generic is a bad idea!

“Store brands are for the sad soul who is both incontinent and destitute, and for nobody else. Conventional wisdom says that any savings that may result from using generic personal-hygiene products are subsumed by the discomfort that users must endure. This is doubly true for generic adult diapers. Unless you are impoverished, or a masochist, there is no reason to go generic. The savings are minimal, and so is the quality.”

#2 - A Diaper Should Never Be Memorable.

“My experience with Kroger was particularly memorable, which isn't a good thing when it comes to diapers. They were about as absorbent as a drainpipe, sagging under the weight of the water and leaking like Daniel Ellsberg. Eventually I consumed enough liquor to muster the courage to wear them wet. Unfortunately, consuming all that liquor also mustered enough urine to make the testing process one of the more unpleasant experiences of my life. The diaper swelled until it could swell no more, at which point streams of urine began running down the sides of my legs.”

“Even though I had locked myself in a bathroom to perform the test, I still feel unaccountably ashamed, as if God were laughing at me—a feeling made worse by my inability to exit the diaper. The Kroger diaper features quick-release strips on its sides so that wearers can rip the sides for a quick and easy exit. But the strips didn't immediately rip, and I just stood there stymied for a few seconds, tugging ineffectively at a wet adult diaper and feeling as if there must be easier ways to make a living. Afterward, I headed directly to the shower.”

#3 – One size fits all doesn’t.

“I also tested the [Depends] Super Plus Absorbency Adjustable Underwear variety (now with worry-free odor control!), which looked and felt like a cut-rate codpiece. While it was comfortable and largely itch-free, the main problem was that the garment didn't fit. It is undoubtedly difficult to make a one-size-fits-all adult diaper, but I fell squarely inside the L/XL size according to the chart on the box, and I could have fit another person in these briefs. (This is speculation: I did not attempt this.)”

#4 – The super-absorbency label is meaningless.

“Like Depends, Attends was functional, but its performance certainly wasn't great. Attends was the most comfortable domestic diaper when it came to long-term wear, but that's sort of like saying that first-degree burns are the best kind of burn. While, like a Depends, it held about 16 ounces of liquid before structural integrity was breached, it certainly did not live up to its expected absorbency. A basic Attends brief promises to hold about 15 ounces of liquid; you would expect that the Super Plus Absorbency variety would exceed that capacity. It did not, which is no big surprise.”

Orange Line

The conclusion of his personalized testing was the realization that: “adult-diaper manufacturers are sort of bastards.” Knowing what I do about the instances of diaper rash, urinary tract infections and the embarrassment factor of adult diapers, I think he has a point.

It always strikes me when I read something like this, I wish more people knew about the better options that were available for men with incontinence. Men's Liberty is discreet, dignified and dependable which is more than you can say about the diapers Justin tested...


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For the full story, click here: http://www.slate.com/articles/life/geezers/2008/09/whats_the_best_adult_diaper.2.html

For more information on adult diaper complications, click out our recent post: What Adult Diaper Companies Don’t Want Men to Know…

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Get to Know Your Men's Liberty Customer Care Specialist

Posted by Sarah Woodward

Jul 30, 2012 10:54:00 AM

For Men's Liberty converts, one of the most important people they will meet on their journey is their Customer Care Specialist. Men's Liberty has a dedicated staff who will answer questions, get your first order started, troubleshoot problems, and help you and your caregivers get the most out of Men's Liberty. Once you're set up, you'll catch up every three months when you place your new order.

Over the years, some amazing relationships are built. This relationship is so critical, we wanted to take a quick moment to introduce you to some members of your Customer Care team. We'll run this as an ongoing series and we invite you all to chime in with your stories in the comments section!

Men's Liberty Customer Care Team

Today, we'll focus on a guy most Men's Liberty customers will speak to at least every three months, Cory Slocum (the one in the front with the red striped shirt). Cory is our retention specialist. This means he works with men who already use Liberty, or their caregivers, to make sure they don't experience any  problems and to assist with placing re-orders. Cory is a Men's Liberty expert who has worked with the company since 2007, first as a health care professional outreach specialist and then as a dedicated member of our customer care team.

Cory works with hundreds of our customers to ensure that they get their product every 30, 60 or 90 days. He can connect you with distributors from all across the country to get your product delivered to your door right on time! He is also an amazing resource for those of you with questions about the Men's Liberty product.

"I pride myself on helping our customers stay dry, clean, comfortable, and get their dignity back. The stories I have heard over the years from these same guys, and what they have gone through with previous methods that are out there, simply breaks my heart at times. I have built some great relationships, and look forward to making many, many more."  

A few words from our customers...

"Thank you for your call today, and for your years of helpful service. You have made working with Men's Liberty a pleasure. I look forward to your calls, and appreciate you (and Men's Liberty!) very much. Thank you!!"  ~Jean A.

"Thank you, Cory and Men's Liberty, for all the assistance provided to us over the year or so that Harry used the product successfully. In that respect they made his last year so much easier." Sandra S.

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Do you have a story about Cory or another Men's Liberty team member you would like to share? Let us know in the comments section below!

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