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Incontinence Support Blog

Catheter Alternatives

How to Apply An External Catheter

Benefits of External Catheters

The Best Alternatives to Adult Diapers For Men

Alzheimer’s and Incontinence

Obesity and Urinary Incontinence

Back Pain and Incontinence – Is There a Link Between Them?

Are Your Medications Increasing Incontinence?

Top 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Adult Diapers

What kind of incontinence do I have? Stress, Flow or Urge

How to help your loved one maintain their independence while struggling with incontinence

Do Veteran Health Benefits Pay for Incontinence Treatment? 

Young Veterans at High Risk for Urinary Incontinence 

Kegels for Male Urinary Incontinence 

How to Help Your Husband Cope with Urinary Incontinence 

5 Things That Will Make Male Urinary Incontinence Worse

Does Stress Increase Problems with Urinary Incontinence? 

Helping Your Husband Talk About Incontinence and Solutions

UTIs and Catheters

Spinal Cord Injuries and Incontinence

Tramautic Brain Injury and Incontinence

Safety In the ER

Why You Should Tell Your Doctor You Have a Problem and Tips for Talking about Incontinence with Your Doctor

Myths and Facts about Medicare Coverage for Incontinence Products

When You Know You Will Be Leaving the Hospital In a Diaper

Maintaining Dad’s Dignity Without Diapers

Myths and Facts About Medicare Coverage for Incontinence Products

8 Tips for Managing the Stress of Caregiving

Dealing with Cancer and Incontinence After Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Jumping Hurdles


Feeling Sluggish? Low Energy? Here’s a Terrific and Super-Healthy Cure!

Holistic Kidney Health

5 Tips to staying Mentally Healthy

Resolve To Be Resolute

“Prostate- what omy”?

The HIGH PRICE of Not Getting Enough Sleep

A Holiday Message...

The Wonderful Results of Keeping Track of Our Health

Taking Control

Caregivers Guide – Helping Our Loved Ones with Cancer

Top 5 incontinence memes – updated!

Finally - Some Good News about Winning the War Against Super-Infections

September – National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Medical Journaling – Part 1

But Why is Men's Liberty A Better Choice Than Adult Diapers?

Renting a Home from a Chair

BioDerm Supports Our Adaptive Athletes in Rio!

What is this OAB I keep hearing about?

Understanding Incontinence is Your Best Defense

Are Prescription Drugs the Answer?

Even “The Greatest” Suffer from Incontinence

What to Expect When You Talk to Your Doctor About Incontinence


Beer and Incontinence (Cont.)

The Ugly Truth About Diapers

Strategies to Prevent Incontinence

Getting Back in the Game

Get A Job

From Scotch to Craft Beer and Incontinence

Your Genes Are Not Your Fate

Take a Walk Without Worry!

Tales from the aisle seat...

On Compassion and Being Helpful

Men's Liberty's Big Questions: Why Does Running Water Make You Need to Pee?

Laser treatments, Basil Cells, Star Wars, 3-D glasses, and the Boy Scouts Motto: Be Prepared.

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas… with Men’s Liberty 2015

My One Year Check Up....

Why Aren’t Adult Diapers Covered by Insurance? And Why Men’s Liberty is…

Sample - How To Post

Understanding Your Insurance

Much for which to be Thankful!

How Do I Know if My Insurance Plan Covers Men’s Liberty?

Tips & Tricks: How to Use the Bedside Bag

Three Unexpected Causes for Urinary Incontinence in Men

How to Pack for a Trip to the Hospital (if you're incontinent)...

Six Ways Technology Can Make Caregiving Easier

How to Manage Incontinence During a Zombie Apocalypse!

Open Enrollment: What You Need to Know About Medicare Advantage

The other “I” word for active baby boomers

A Broken Cord: Part 2

How Men's Liberty Helped Me Overcome Travel Anxiety

Coming Out Of The (Catheter) Closet

The Link Between Prostate Cancer and Urinary Incontinence

A Broken Cord - Part 1

The Link Between Prostate Heath and Football

Why Healthcare is Embracing a Fail First Policy

To Leak or Not to Leak - (that is the question)

Disability, Marriage and True Love in Brooklyn

Adjusting to a New Normal

The Time Machine

Self-Isolation and How To Avoid Meetings

47th Annual WOCN Conference in San Antonio, Texas

Notes From The ER...This ain't no Greys Anatomy

Along The Learning Curve

Too Little...Too Late With Caleb

Victory Gardens, Gas Rationing and Men’s Liberty

That Darn Easter Bunny...

What Would You Think If I Sang Out Of Tune?

1929 Ford Tri-Motor Airplanes Don’t Have Restrooms!

Order Out of Chaos


Hearing Aids and Male External Catheters

Overcoming Writer's Block

Understanding Your Health Insurance Coverage

Celebrating National Family Caregivers Month

Infection Prevention Week 2014: Antibiotic Infographic

Step into the Marvel Universe

Off The Beaten Path

Prostate Cancer and Incontinence (Infographic)

The Pros of Probiotics

Changes in Urological Mortality Rates Demonstrate Need for Further Changes in Healthcare Delivery

Forget the Aisle Chair

Introducing the BioDerm Penile Clamp!

Men's Liberty helped me get a Hole-In-One!

5 Ways Adaptive Sports Changes Lives with Men's Liberty

A Night On the Town with Men's Liberty

Things we learned at AUA 2014

Eat More Chocolate

20 Questions with the Employee of the Week: Lisa Moreno

Remember our Fallen Heroes with Men's Liberty

Don't be embarrassed, it's only urine.

The Side Effects? Well, There Is One...

Misconceptions concerning Men’s Liberty

How A New Technology Is Helping Paralyzed Patients Regain Use of Their Legs

Dignified, Cost-Effective Alternative to Adult Diapers

Men's Liberty: 2014 Customer Service Survey.

Addressing Aging

20 Questions with the Employee of the Week: Jamie Burnes

Redefining Superman

6 Tips for Wellness

A Not-To-Do List For Caregivers of the Chronically Ill

Spinal Cord Injury with Caleb: The Latest Progress & Mental Musings

20 Questions with the Employee of the Week: Chris Berlin

Not Dead Yet

Tips for Dealing with Incontinence During the Winter

How to Survive as the Primary Caregiver

Dealing with Urinary Incontinence

7 Ways To Transform Caregiving From Burden To Opportunity

10 Things You Shouldn't Say to Someone Who Uses a Wheelchair

This year in Incontinence

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...With Men's Liberty

20 Questions with the Employee of the Week: Sarah Woodward

The coolest SCI awareness organization I had never heard of.

Reducing Waste in Health Care

20 Questions with the Employee of the Week: Ben Thayer!

Coming Together - A Community for the Cure

A Caregivers Lesson in Asking for Help, a Personal Story

Band of Brothers

Family Caregivers Live Longer Than Non-Caregivers

11 Things You Should Never Say to a Caregiver

20 Questions with the Men's Liberty Employee of the Week!

Happy Veterans Day from Men's Liberty!

What is No-Shave November?

Stand Up for Heroes

Thank You Caregivers!

Infection Prevention and You

Mythbusters: Urinary Tract Infections

Using all the right words, with all the wrong people.

How to Improve Your Health Literacy

How CathGrip can Improve Your Tubing Securement

Fear & Medicine, a Lesson for Healthcare Professionals & Caregivers

Learning the Signs and Risk Factors of Prostate Cancer

Explaining the Men's Liberty Learning Curve

Defeating Stigma in Healthcare Award for 2013: Rick Rador, MD

Discover the Top 5 Internet Memes About Incontinence!

Admitting there's a problem: overcoming incontinence denial

Understanding Spinal Cord Injury: Part 3 with Caleb

11 Things You Should Never Say To a Caregiver

Helpful Ways to Beat The Heat with Multiple Sclerosis

The Invisible Victims of Alzheimer’s Disease: Family Caregivers

Transitioning to a Wheelchair with MS: When and How?

Losing my temporarily able-bodied status, one physicians story

Seniors reusing incontinence products!

Coping with your MS Diagnosis, tips from Men's Liberty

10 Misconceptions About Pelvic Physical Therapy & Incontinence

A Life Changing Day - Eman's Spinal Cord Injury and Rehabilitation

The WORST Incontinence Advice Ever, Part 2

New Study Refutes Link Between Fish Oil Supplements & Prostate Cancer

Understanding Spinal Cord Injury with Caleb: Part 2

67% of Survey Respondents say Fear of Accidents is their #1 Worry

Is Your Prescription Causing Your Incontinence?

7 Medical Procedures You May Not Need...

Only 3 Days Left... Join Us at the National Veterans Wheelchair Games

7 Surprising (And Odd) Facts About Spinal Cord Injuries

Count Down to the Wheelchair Games - Check Out the New Trailer!

The real cost of incontinence - News From Australia

The Best Day of Our Lives!

67% of Caregivers say Managing Incontinence is Hardest Medical Task!

Disaster Planning and Spinal Cord Injury

What’s All The Buzz About “B”?

How Can I Get My Medical Records?

Show Me the Data! Should Patients Have Access to Their Records?

Toilet Talk: Things You Should Know, But Probably Don't

The Worst Incontinence Advice EVER!!!

I want to tell my doctor: "I want a second opinion."

I can't believe it! The Men's Liberty Blog Turns One!

Survey: 43% of Prostate Cancer Survivors Have Urinary Incontinence!

The Benefits of Volunteering

Heart Failure and Sleep: Four Tips for Caregivers

Surgical 'Never-Events' Are Shockingly Common - New Study Published!

Skintastic! Slip, Slop, Slap, Slide & Seek for Safety!

Al Neuharth Obituary: An Incontinent Man & Newspaper Icon

What Would You Do with an Extra 16 Hours a Week?

I’m All Stressed Out! 7 Tips for Managing Stress from Men's Liberty

Wee Answer Wednesday: A Hunter's Questions Answered

Visit Men’s Liberty at the NWBA National Tournament!

How Much Water Should Adaptive Athletes be Drinking?

Paraplegic Athlete to Push Across America for Disability Awareness!

Seven Steps for Stopping Incontinence Interrupting Your Vacation!

April is Paralyzed Veterans Awareness Month!

New Guidelines to Enhance Adaptive Sports School Programs

Announcing the Men's Liberty Adaptive Sports Photo Contest!

Growing Concerns about Complications from Robotic Prostate Surgery

The Diaper Dilemma

Surgical Urinary Management: Eliminate Condom Catheters!

Tax Tips for Caregivers to Maximize Your Return

Wee Answer Wednesday: All Dressed Up and No Where to Pee

Bladder Adjectives from Men's Liberty

Reducing the Stigma of Incontinence

So What is Robotic Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy Exactly?

Senator Paul - Extend Your Next Filibuster with Men's Liberty!

Wee Answer Wednesday with Men’s Liberty

Men’s Liberty Announces New Partnership with Eloquest Healthcare!

"I can do that!" Adaptive Athlete Profiles from ABC Medical

Four Tips for Talking to Your Patients about Incontinence

Five Tips for Reducing Incontinence After Prostate Cancer

Top Tips for Pressure Ulcer Prevention from ABC Medical!

Wee Answer Wednesday: Neurological Disorders & Incontinence

Men’s Liberty Announces New Partnership with Townsend Rep Group!

The Effects of Spinal Cord Injury on Parenting

Wee Answer Wednesday: Wheel You Be My Valentine?

Spinal Cord Injuries & Depression

The Costs of Living with a Spinal Cord Injury

Wee Answer Wednesday: Unique Customer Questions with Men's Liberty

Meet Men’s Liberty Users Tina & Eric

The Punxsutawney Phil of Incontinence: Our 2013 Prognostications

Meet Adaptive Athlete & Men’s Liberty User John Powell

Wee Answer Wednesday – Physical Therapy & Incontinence

The Importance Of Physical Therapy For Spinal Injuries

Which Prostate Cancer Treatment is Best for Me?

Wee Answer Wednesday: Quality of Life Month with Men's Liberty

Wheeling Through Airports: Flying with a Spinal Cord Injury

5 Ways Adaptive Sports Changes Lives with Men's Liberty

5 Things You Need to Know About the Paralympics

Wee Answer Wednesday: Questions from Men's Liberty Training

New Diaper Quality Standards Try to Put Lipstick on a Pig

Following Davis Part 3: Murderball with Men's Liberty

5 Tips for Handling Severe Weather from Men's Liberty

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas… with Men’s Liberty

Wee Answer Wednesday with Men’s Liberty

The Dangers of Double Dipping from Men's Liberty

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men in Wheelchairs from Men's Liberty

An Electrifying Solution for Pressure Ulcers

Wee Answer Wednesday: Spinal Cord Injuries & Incontinence

Healing Technophobia among Nurses with Men's Liberty

Cutting Hospital Readmissions with Men's Liberty

Wee Answer Wednesday: Men's Liberty Accessories

Wee Answer Wednesday: Holidays with Men's Liberty

Gary Damkoehler on NBC's Game Changer with Gayle Guyardo

Wee Answer Wednesday: Thanksgiving with Men's Liberty

6 Healthy Living Tips for Your Bladder from Men's Liberty

Following Davis Part 2: Hand Cycling

Men's Liberty Wee Answer Wednesday: Bladder Health Week

Bladder Health Week: Facts about Foleys & Bladder Cancer

Wee Answer Wednesday: Election Edition

News Story: UK SCI Patients Being Sent to Nursing Homes After Rehab

What Adult Diaper Companies Don’t Want Men to Know…

Wee Answer Wednesdays: Trick or Treat Edition

Five Things to Think About When Choosing an Incontinence Product

Doctor-Patient Disconnect: Taking Charge of Your Incontinence Care

Following Davis… Countdown to the Wheelchair Games!

Using Medicare’s paying power to change hospital behavior

Introducing our new series: Wee Answer Wednesday with Men's Liberty

Are you turning into Nurse Ratched? Nurse Burnout & Infections

Is Your Hospital Trying to Kill You? Reduce CAUTI with Men's Liberty

SCI and Wounded Warriors - Men's Liberty Joins Mission: ABLE

Men's Liberty Reaches Out to Wounded Warriors at the PVA Summit

Caregiver Burnout & Incontinence: Is Men's Liberty for you?

Men's Liberty Celebrates the 22nd Anniversary of the ADA!

Get to Know Your Men's Liberty Customer Care Specialist

Visit Men's Liberty at the 2012 Abilities Expo in Houston!

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Pee? Try Men's Liberty

Men's Liberty Supports the Roll on Capitol Hill

Don't Let Incontinence Interrupt Your Summer Vacation!

Update: Men's Liberty at the National Veterans Wheelchair Games

Veterans More Likely to Experience Urinary Incontinence

The Mission? Ensure our Vets are ABLE to Get Care

Men's Liberty Gives a Competitive Edge

Veterans' Wheelchair Games – Dean won a 32” HDTV from Men's Liberty

Men's Liberty attending 32nd National Veterans Wheelchair Games

Adaptive Athletes – See if Men's Liberty is for you.

Fluid Management – What is it? Why should I be considering it?

Augie’s Quest

The Freedom to Live