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Even “The Greatest” Suffer from Incontinence

Posted by Andy Orrell on Jun 28, 2016 10:02:08 AM


Many times during your individual journey in dealing with incontinence, you might feel like you’re alone. Luckily, that isn’t the case. Currently, there are over 25 million Americans who experience some form of incontinence. This condition is much more common than you would think. Every day, thousands of people are becoming aware of their incontinence and of the best methods to deal with it. Among these men there are many celebrities who have opened up about facing their urinary challenges to let others know that even “The Greatest” suffer from incontinence.

Recently passing away, Muhammad Ali is widely considered the best pound for pound boxer of all time. Later in life, during his fight with Parkinson’s disease, Ali suffered from incontinence. On his condition, Ali stated, “Now the things that once were so effortless – simple things like talking or controlling when I go – are more difficult. But I get up every day and try to live life to the fullest because each day is a gift from God.”

Stephen King is famous for his prolific number of hit novels, which include popular titles such as The Stand, Carrie, and The Shining. King had a bladder cancer scare during which he developed frequent urination. When the issue first occurred, the author believed that it was going to be bladder cancer and that he was done for. He soon discovered that he had a simple urinary tract infection. Though his treatment was totally effective, King keeps incontinence collection products at his bedside, saying, “You never know when you’re going to need these at my age.”

Famous for starring in several successful box-office hits, including Star Wars, Pulp Fiction, and The Avengers, Samuel L. Jackson developed a loss of bladder control in his late 40s. Initially he was embarrassed, but was soon after quoted saying, “I realized that this was a problem that millions of Americans deal with every day.” The actor soon invested in incontinence collection devices, wearing them often while working on movie sets.

As starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo has been a Pro Bowl level talent who is much loved by the fans. While preparing for the 2009 NFL season, Romo developed a serious bladder infection. The infection resulted in the athlete being diagnosed with overactive bladder (OAB). To stay on the field, Romo wears incontinence collection devices during all practices.

Unfortunately, much like many of our customers, these celebrities have probably resorted to using unsanitary adult diapers or dangerous condom catheters. For ease of use and the freedom it provides, we of course suggest Men’s Liberty as the healthy alternative. BioDerm provides an excellent training program for application and use of the product. Another benefit is that Medicare helps pay for the Men’s Liberty external catheters; Medicare does not pay for diapers or absorbents that you purchase from your local drugstore.

Call our care team today at 1 800 814 3174. They are here to help you.

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What to Expect When You Talk to Your Doctor About Incontinence

Posted by Andy Orrell on Jun 23, 2016 3:10:29 PM


Don't let the fear of bladder accidents ever keep you from an active life filled with work, friends, and family. Incontinence isn't a normal part of aging, or something you just have to live with. There are plenty of things you can do. The sooner you call your doctor, the faster you can get treated.

It's not easy to talk about incontinence. That's why men wait, on average, three years before they get help. Take the first step and call your doctor. He might refer you to a specialist who treats urinary conditions. At your first visit, ask if your diet, health problems, or medicine could be causing the problem.

Before your doctors can treat your incontinence, they need to know what kind it is. If you release urine when you cough, laugh, or sneeze, that's likely stress incontinence. If you have a sudden need to go before leakage happens, that's probably urge incontinence. Some people have a combination of the two.

Your doctor will examine you and ask about your health, symptoms, medicines you take, and the type of accidents you have. He or she might suggest you keep a diary to record every time you go to the bathroom or have wetness.

Your doctor will evaluate your symptoms and rule out any medical conditions and may order tests to check for infections or other problems, as well as a bladder stress test.

There are things you can do to try and control your incontinence. These include scheduling your bathroom visits at regular intervals -- for instance, every 2 hours. If you have to go before the time is up, use Kegels or relaxation techniques to hold it in until the urge passes. After a while, hopefully you'll train yourself to go less often, with longer and longer periods between restroom breaks.

These few routine changes can help prevent leaks and get you back to your favorite activities. However, don't stop drinking fluids -- you'll get dehydrated. Limit each drink to 6 to 8 ounces, and don't have them within 2 to 4 hours of bedtime.

Also, avoid caffeine, alcohol, and artificial sweeteners, which increase the urge to go. If you're overweight, drop a few pounds to ease pressure on your bladder. And don't smoke. It's bad for your bladder, too.

What if after all of this you’re still experiencing incontinence?

Where women may not yet have the choice and must resort to absorbents, men have a choice: absorbents or catheters (both internal and external). For ease of use and the freedom it provides, we of course suggest Men’s Liberty. BioDerm provides an excellent training program for application and use of the product. Another benefit is that Medicare helps pay for the Men’s Liberty external catheters; Medicare does not pay for diapers or absorbents that you purchase from your local drugstore.

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Getting Back in the Game (VIDEO)

Posted by Mens Liberty on Jun 23, 2016 1:11:01 PM

We’ve all experienced some setbacks in life.  It could be financial, losing a beloved family member, friend or co-worker, divorce, a lay-off, our health, and many other things – including urinary incontinence. One of the hardest things to do when we’re experiencing adversity is to keep our heads held high, and “get back in the game.”  Wendy LaTorre looks at staying off the sidelines.

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"The Ugly Truth About Diapers" (VIDEO)

Posted by Mens Liberty on Jun 14, 2016 11:30:00 AM

Many of our Men's Liberty clients find us due to all the horrible side effects created by wearing disposable adult diapers. Wendy LaTorre shares some startling facts about adult diapers and why they are not a great solution for men with urinary incontinence.

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"My Story" (VIDEO)

Posted by Mens Liberty on Jun 7, 2016 11:30:00 AM

Almost everyone who works in the healthcare field does it for one big reason:  To help other people. Wendy LaTorre shares a client caretaker's story of prostate cancer and a man's incontinence and our life changing solution. We found this story so moving!

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Posted by Sam Turner on Jun 1, 2016 9:54:49 AM

The three of us (Sara, Phyllis and Sam) drove to La Posada in Green Valley, south of Tucson, on May 26th. We had two birthdays to celebrate with fellow cancer survivors, all survivors of one form or another...Leukemia, Colon, Prostate, Basel Cell Melanoma, gathering for a celebration of Phyllis and Sara’s birthdays and the sheer joy of being together.

Our hosts, Margaret Ann, Tim, and Doug, have resided in La Posada about ten years. The grounds consist of medical facilities, independent and assisted living and memory care -- Seven hundred residents on over one-hundred acres of oasis, complete with Butterfly, Japanese, Meditation, (even) vegetable gardens, Pecan groves and a Labyrinth centered with the music of an air harp.

We met at Posada Java for coffee to get acquainted since we had not met Tim (Doug and Margaret Ann’s son). They had not met fellow writer, Sara. So the six of us enjoyed gift giving in the patio shade. We gave Doug and Margaret Ann a case of Negra Modelo. We celebrated Doug’s return from a week in the hospital.  All is well!

After coffee, we rode a tram to their quiet apartment where we shared individual survival stories.

Sara.jpgSince October 2015, Sara has gone through intensive, aggressive chemo treatment for Leukemia. I’m happy to report she’s in remission and June will be her last month of infusion therapy. July, she gifts herself by trailering to the cool climate of Washington State to return to Arizona in November thereby making her an official snowbird.  



Doug.jpgNow in his tenth decade, Doug survived thirty-three bombing missions over Germany as a tail gunner in a B-17.  He also survived teaching middle school children(!) and finished his career as vice-principal of Cholla High School in Tucson! Oh, and he survived Colorectal cancer.

Margaret Ann is the poet/writer/recorder of her family history. She and Tim put this whole venture together.


Tim.jpgTim provided gifts of chocolate cakes for the two Birthday girls…

Sam.jpgSam and Phyllis (She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed) at La Posada. Had this been two years ago while I was using absorbents-- and leaking continuously -- I wouldn’t have considered going on this trip for fear of leaking.  I would have missed out on the gathering.  I would have missed out on the two chocolate birthday cakes. However, on this day, I was confident that my Men’s Liberty external catheter would handle any “accidents”.  The catheter didn’t let me down.  So you see: This seems like just a normal little vacation trip.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Nothing, that is until we’ve shared our survival stories. Then, we share our gifts of each other knowing just how precious our lives are…

A special thanks to Men’s Liberty’s Research and Development for a product that allows me to participate in festivities! Wendy, Lynette, Tony: I include you as part of my extended family.

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Your Genes Are Not Your Fate (VIDEO)

Posted by Mens Liberty on May 26, 2016 11:30:00 AM

Wendy LaTorre reviews the TED talk given by Dr. Dean Ornish on how we can change our genes. Lifestyle changes make huge differences in our brains and subsequently our health. Simple changes can change our genes by creating new ones. Discover how!

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Beer and Incontinence (Cont.)

Posted by Sam Turner on May 24, 2016 3:52:23 PM


I know you have been wondering about the results of April’s “test”. The Jury is still out. I’ve tasted eight new brands.  So far, I’ve run across a couple that I would order again:  Negra Modelo and Pacifico.  I can see that this will take some more testing.  Some of you more experienced tasters might suggest brands that are similar, now that you know what I like. Let me know, and I’ll give them a try.

I can’t blame the incontinence on the beer.  As a matter of fact, I enjoyed the glass of Negra Modelo and didn’t have to drain my unit until I arrived home (two miles away).  Moving from a restaurant booth to my car seat usually starts a flood of activity, regardless.

This brings me to a serious problem: car seats that are hot…one hundred plus degrees hot!  Even with a shade pulled across the windshield, when our car is parked in a lot (with or without tree shade or a wall shadow), the inside temperature can escalate to well above one hundred degrees. Plastic sunglasses left on the dashboard will melt to uselessness. A towel draped over the steering wheel helps from burning the hands.  But, the driver’s seat is always hot. That’s Tucson in the summer!

“Quick, turn on the A/C!”

Back in the days when I wore absorbents that warm/hot seat meant instant draining through the pad, my cargo pants and onto the seat. That is no longer the case.  I can have an empty unit, sit down and my bladder will fill the bag in fifteen seconds.  What then? I’ve been known to step behind a tree.  (Emergencies cause creative actions.) Results? No wet clothes or car seat and the plants can use the nitrogen.

I had cause to speak to a mixed group of senior citizens on the importance of drinking water. I spoke of my eighty-three-year-old mother who hated wearing diapers and, without our knowing it, cut down her water consumption to the point that her electrolytes stopped functioning, which contributed to her death!

Where women may not yet have the choice and must resort to absorbents, men have a choice: absorbents or catheters. I’ve been wearing Men’s Liberty external catheter for over a year. The BioDerm company provides an excellent training program for application and use of the units.  Another benefit is that Medicare pays for Men’s Liberty external catheters; Medicare does not pay for diapers or absorbents that you purchase from your local drugstore.

"The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder." - Alfred Hitchcock -

That’s the main advantage of Men’s Liberty:  No worry!

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Myth-Busting: Not All of Our Patients are “Old Men” (VIDEO)

Posted by Mens Liberty on May 17, 2016 12:19:04 PM

The Men’s Liberty device is not just for “old men.” In fact, some of our clients are under 30 years old!! We also serve young men who suffer from spinal cord injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents. This May is Motorcycle Awareness Month, and Wendy LaTorre reviews why we all should be aware of motorcycles and their riders all year around.

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The Ugly Truth About Diapers

Posted by Mens Liberty on May 10, 2016 1:55:47 PM


It’s been a while since we talked about diapers…  Truth is, many of our clients find us due to all the horrible side effects created by wearing disposable adult diapers.

Earlier this week, I asked one of my assistants to give me a handful of facts regarding diapers – beginning with the environmental impact of disposable diapers.

Do you have any idea how many disposable diapers are dumped into United States landfills each year?  This is shocking!  The Environmental Protection Agency reports that about 20 BILLION diapers are dumped into our landfills each year!  20 BILLION!!

That accounts for 3.5 million tons of waste each year!  That’s 7 BILLION tons of waste!

Have you ever wondered how many trees are lost each year, just for the manufacture of disposable diapers?  How about 200,000 trees EACH YEAR.  The average tree farm has 400 seedlings per acre (SPA), so that equals 500 acres per year.

Now 500 acres might not sound like very much, but think about it like this…  500 acres is the equivalent of 227 city blocks!Unsplash-Trees-4-Diapers.jpg

It also takes 3.4 billion gallons of fuel oil every year to make diapers.  Bottom line – disposable diapers use 20 times more raw materials, 2 times more water, and 3 times more energy to manufacture than what it takes to manufacture cloth diapers.

Bottom line:  Besides depleting tons and tons and acres and acres of our precious natural resources, manufacturing disposable diapers also utilizes a massive amount of energy sources that are non-renewable.

One final environmental factor:  Landfills.  Diapers do not degrade well in landfills for one very simple reason – they need to be exposed to oxygen and sunlight to decompose.  Because they’re typically buried, it takes the average disposable diaper right around 500 years to decompose.

Researchers are now discovering that our groundwater is being contaminated by the millions of tons of untreated waste, and that’s not taking into consideration the potential viruses inside those diapers.  That’s enough about disposable diapers environmental impact.

Let’s talk about something a lot more personal – the horrible side effects that we’ve seen and heard about from our Men’s Liberty clients who formerly wore men’s diapers.

Diaper Prices:  Very simply, have you seen the price of adult diapers?  We figured Walmart might have just about the lowest price out there, so here’s how it works out:  36 “maximum absorbency men’s diapers are $15.74.  That’s 43.7¢ each.

Most of our clients tell us they were wearing an average of 5 diapers / day prior to discovering Men’s Liberty.  At 5 diapers per day, that’s 150 diapers per month – basically 6 boxes.  That’s right around $90 per month in disposable diapers.

And here’s one more thing – most insurances don’t cover the cost of diapers.  But they DO COVER THE COST OF MEN’S LIBERTY!

Laundry:  No doubt about it – with diapers, there WILL BE LEAKS.  That means increased laundry expenses.

Shame and embarrassment:  With diapers, it’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN…  There’s leaks and ODORS, neither of which are your friends.  With Men’s Liberty – no leaks and no odors.

Leaks and odors are the number 1 and number 2 factor for such drastic lifestyle changes in men wearing diapers.  As a result of those horribly embarrassing leaks and odors, some men literally become housebound, choosing never to leave the home again…  This is a horribly sad fact.  Yet…

One simple device is literally changing people’s lives – Men’s Liberty.  If you haven’t looked into Men’s Liberty, please, please, please - call our care team now!  800 814-3174

Inconvenience:  Who knows when we have to change our diapers?  It makes being out in public quite problematic.  Plus, who wants to carry spare diapers everywhere they go?

Skin problems:  When something moist or wet stays against our skin, rashes are guaranteed.

Constant exposure to moisture can cause skin breakdown, and rashes are just the beginning…  What about yeast infections, urinary tract infections, pressure ulcers, and on and on?

The Solution:  I think by this point, we’ve proven that adult diapers are not anywhere close to a solution.  Men’s Liberty is a much healthier option for managing men’s urinary incontinence – WITHOUT ALL THE COMPLICATIONS.

Call our care team today!  We’re here to help you in every way possible!  800 814-3174

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